Quick Media Converter HD a Free Universal Video and Audio Converter

Quick Media Converter HD a Free Universal Video and Audio Converter 


Quick Media Converter (QMC) one of the most popular Universal video and audio conversion tool by Cocoonsoftware.com has now released their latest HD converter Quick Media Converter HD V


Dear Developer,

Quick Media Converter has been downloaded and tested by Filecluster Labs on 03 Oct 2010 with today's best antivirus engines: BitDefender Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, NOD32 and Avira Antivirus. The report shows that Quick Media Converter has been found clean of any viruses or malware and has been flagged as safe to install.

You can find the detailed antivirus scan reports at this page:
http://www.filecluster.com/Antivirus-Report/Quick-Media-Converter.html. (if the page isn't working, please allow between 1-30 mins for the cache to refresh)

Please keep in mind that we will constantly scan your software with each version update or on-demand, if necessary. We have also displayed a clean award within our website to assure our visitors that Quick Media Converter is clean and safe to install.
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