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Audio and video comes in a variety of formats. It seems like every service and player has its own. This creates a lot of artificial walls around your media files. It becomes impossible to move them between different programs and hardware.

This can be a serious pain. Your iPod may not play videos formatted for your PC. You need a special program to play Flash videos. You must rip CDs in the right format for various music players. The number incompatible combinations is mindboggling.


There are programs that will convert files between formats. But they normally only support a handful of formats. Quick Media Converter is a better solution.

This program handles nearly any format you can imagine. And it does it through an easy-to-use interface. You’ll see pictures of supported devices, like an iPod. Click the picture and point it to a file. It will convert it to the compatible format.

This program won’t convert any DRM-protected files. That requires breaking the protection, which is illegal. But it will work with your unprotected files.

Cost: Free


System: Windows XP and Vista

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