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Quick Media Converter HD Information Page



Sample Image

Quick Media Converter HD
100 % free

No Restrictions, no Engraved Logo , no Trial period,no Spyware !

Quick Media Converter  can easily convert most of your Video & Audio medias
and much much  more!

Download QMC 3.6.0

Download Quick Media Converter HD Ver Final (stable release) (03-10-2010)


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Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the Quick Media Converter HD V  information page,


A bit of history.

Quick Media Converter (QMC) is a universal video converter that was specifically designed to convert video formats
to other video formats, to do this we are using open source code from a software engine called
FFMPEG using its
own codec library and Player.

 FFMPEG was initially developed by Mister Fabrice Bellard, a French man, without the work of this gentleman,
this software would probably never exist. Thank you so much Mister Fabrice Bellardand all other contributors!

Our experience on the Web has showed us that many users were lost when they had to deal with video and audio
conversion, many of the applications available to them, were most of the time, too complicated, too slow, too limited
and too costly. We therefore decided to take that into account and we started developing with only one idea in mind,
the application had to be free, versatile, fast and most of all very user friendly.  

Most users are not computer or video engineers, they also pretty much need the same standard settings for
convertingand have no time to waste in experimentation when they need to convert a media.

We therefore made the assumption that standard formats with good video and audio output quality was greatly
needed and would be more than welcome by a large number of users.

As our development went on we added new interesting and useful features to end up with what we offer you today.

We are hoping that you will enjoy our software and help us sharing it with your friends as thousands and thousands
of other people have already done since we first introduced QMC to the public, back on 18 th December 2007 during
its beta testing phase.  

What can you do with Quick Media Converter?

Sample Image

-Extracting and converting Audio files from video or audio media.from one format to another
Extracting and converting Video without sound.from one format to another.
Preview and/or listen to video and audio files with Quick Media Player Multi unversal player
(needs Klite or ffdshow installed on your computer).


 Sample Image
Possible Conversion formats:

Sample Image

- A myriad of formats is recognized by FFmpeg in Quick Media Converter.
  Those not recognized yet, are worked on by many people around the open source community and may
  most of the time, become available sooner or later.

- Many files to convert? No worry, batch files processing is also supported by QMC.
- You are lazy by nature and do not wish to start selecting files? That’s okay just
drag and drop the files 
  in the active worksheet.


Sample Image

Expert mode section

You have more specific needs and want to experiment with video and audio conversion, now including also ffmpeg command line codes, saving your favorite profiles, two passes conversion , audio Sync and much more.

Sample Image

-You want to capture a movie or a picture directly from your webcam or DV Cam, just click on the webcam button and start capturing in raw flux or avi divx , after this is done  the software will offer you to convert your file to other formats.

Sample Image

-You want to make a tutorial or capture your desktop activity including video games? just click on Camstudio (open source) start recording and add comments on your avi divx movie output.

Sample Image Help

  Sample Image   

Multi CPU support just check CPU in My settings
Sample Image


Sample Image

Sample Image


We only answer if you carefully follow the posting rules .

We rarely support expert mode as by essence if you use it you are considered as an expert user and suposedly know what you are doing.

Sample Image

-Access our website directly from our application to get the latest news .

-Access our support forum directly from our application  on the right of the window  or in the windows menu to get help.  We usually answer your questions within one day or two however in order to avoid spam to ask question you need to register.


Sample Image
Sample Image

-Direct access to online video tutorials from your application .

This Software is 100% free and will remain so for as long as we can support its costs.

We have therefore included a donation button,Sample Image do not hesitate to support us if you think our work is saving you time and if you believe we deserve a reward for this.

We have no intention to limit the freeware possibilities, but rather we will continue to add to it more interesting functionalities in the near future, as we are currently doing. 

QMC Quick Media Converter HD is a final and stable release works with most Windows OS including XP SP3 & Vista .

Minimum requirements:

Windows OS

Pentium 2 and AMD 250 M Ram,

QMC HD is 37 Mbtes 

Enjoy Quick Media Converter and do not hesitate to report errors and bugs to us.

Have fun.

Team Cocoon


Video Conversion Formats supported

VCD DVD AVI DIVX FLASH FLV Quick Time Windows Media WMV Xvid TS MPEG Zune MKV OGG MP4 H264

Format Format Format Format FormatFormat Format Format Format Format


Audio Conversion Formats supported


FormatFormatFormat Format

Ipod & Iphone Conversion formats supported

MP4 MOV H264 



Video Game Consoles Conversion Formats supported


Sony :PS3 PSP ( Now includes direct upload to your Psp including thumbs)


Microsoft : XBOX, XBOX 360


Nintendo :  WII & Nintendo DS

    Sample Image




Mobile Phones and GSM Video Formats Supported
3G2 3GP MP4



 Format Format Format





We will keep an eye on the forum and will try when possible to answer all your questions for the standard mode, we will also welcome your suggestions and requests in order to make this media conversion freeware a better product for you.

Things you need to know:

The reason why this software is and will be free,  is because we also use open source code
from software such as FFmpeg and FFplayer, we have deliberately tried to make it as easy
and as user friendly as it may get.  
This is why the Quick Media Converter will be suitable for all users experienced or not, as
you will notice once downloaded and installed on your computer.

Find here under a few views of the Quick Media Converter :

1 : Easy Mode (for all users)

Contains most usual video and audio conversion formats and works on the basis
of default parameters, making it very easy and intuitive to use. You may also use
the windows drag and drop feature to place your files in the active work sheet.

Batch conversion is available for all the selected files in the active worksheet. 

 Sample Image

Sample Image


2 : Expert Mode: Experimented Users

Contains more features and allows you to use  more technical and unusual

Possible  Modifications include : Codec, Size, frame rate,
formats   4/3 16/9 aspect ,bitrates, audio codec, mono,  stereo, Frequency Rate,
Cropping etc ...

Sample Image

Sample Image

3:Capture Webcam /DV cam flux in avi and  then convert to any
output format. Sample Image

Thumbnail creation ,webcam & Dvcam preview

Captured video previewing.


4 :Forum

 Sample Image

5 :Direct acces to Cocoonsoftware

Sample Image

Sample Image

 More to come ...

We wish you a pleasant use of this freeware and we are looking forward to receive
your comment or requests on our Forum.

The  QMC  Quick Media Converter Team .

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