Quick Media Converter converts media... quickly

Quick Media Converter is a Windows utility that will let you convert practically any audio or video file from one format to another.

MPEG to H.264? No problem. WAV to OGG?

Sure, why not. Now let's get something out of the way here.

Quick Media Converter is basically just a fancy front end for the open source,command line media encoder.

But it's a really useful front end. The utility offers you two interfaces: an easy mode and an expert mode. In easy mode, you can choose from a number of predefiined formats. So just select the media files you want to convert, and click the Audio, Quicktime, WMV, DiVX, Xbox, PS3, or Wii button to create a file optimized for your system of choice....

Quick Media Converter Converts Audio or Video to Any Format Windows only:

Free application Quick Media Converter converts virtually any audio or video file from one format to another.

Like previously mentioned WinFF (and several other media conversion tools), Quick Media Converter is really just a graphical front end for the powerful command line tool, FFmpeg.

But where FFmpeg takes some command line chops to use, Quick Media Converter couldn't be more simple.

Just drag and drop a file you want to convert into the app, pick an output format, and let QMC and FFmpeg take care of the rest.

It supports everything from DivX and Xvid to Xbox and iPhone output, with icons that make it dead simple to pick the right type. Quick Media Converter is freeware, Windows only.

By Adam Pash


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One Video Converter To Rule Them All [Windows Gyan]

A normal geek’s video toolkit consist of a MP4 to AVI converter, an AVI to DVD converter, an MP4 to flash converter, then another, then another and so on.

In today's Windows Gyan, we show you how to have a single program that will satisfy all your Video and Audio conversion needs.

Today, we introduce you to Quick Media Converter (QMC).

First let's check what all features are expected from such an application and whether QMC meets them:

  1. Does what it actually claims to do - check
  2. Freeware - check
  3. Noob friendly - check
  4. Advanced menus for advanced users - check
  5. Sexy user interface - check
  6. Usability  - check
  7. Installable by non-administrative users - check

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Quick Media Converter brings Windows GUI sanity to ffmpeg.....


For those of you who've hated the opensource ffmpeg command line media conversion tool, here is Quick Media Converter.















It's a nice looking front-end for ffmpeg that hides the command line complexity of this swiss army like media converter.

So What can you do with  Quick Media Converter?

Quick Media Convertor - Free and easy to use video convertor

Ciaran Moore - With so many video file formats available today, things can become quite messy, your Ipod or mobile device can only play one type of video file and your favorite videos collection on your computer is a couple of different file formats that are incompatible with your favorite player or Mobile device.






















 Maybe you just want to upload some videos to show on your website in Flash Video (FLV) Read More on  Blog at Freedownloads..

QMC was reviewed by Revision3 on Its Video Webcast Tekzilla under episode 22


The video below is just a short part of the full Videozine.

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Quick Media Converter is 100% Free! ( Financed by Donations and onsite advertising only)

No trial No strings attached ! No Malware, No spyware, No viruses, No logo engraved on your video 

Gilles and Helena hope you will Enjoy !

Introducing our best ever version supporting many more formats , new design new possibilities such as Youtube Video Converter ability as well as Daily Motion AVC video conversion and also Support of QCELP (USA)audio codec as well as KDDI Codec ( Japan) TS HD from Satellite receivers such as Dreambox and much much more such as an integrated video audio player. 


Works in all windows versions up to Win 8.1
and  Windows 8.1 professionnal

Whether you have been using QMC for a while or you are a new user you will probably be stunned and thrilled by this latest release. Quite a difference between this version and all preceding ones. By far our best up to now and still free for all!


users_32x32.png(Strongly recommended)


 Video tutorial how to use profiles with Quick Media Converter HD  4XXX 

You may also make or modify and save your own profiles in QMC HD  4.x.x.x they are very usefull to help you start in expert mode as they fill the fields for you and allow you to use trial and error technique to get closer to your desired specifications. You are also able and encouraged to make your own files and share them with others and also with us,  we will be glad to welcome them in the appropriate section of our forum and if they are popular or very needed we will even include them in the default profiles that come in with your QMC install.

To install these Profiles in Quick Media Converter :
Unzip the files  first and get the *.xml file out on your desk .

Open Windows explorer and search for the QuickMediaConverter folder it is usually by default in ;
C:\Program Files\QuickMediaConverter\

Open the subdirectory "profile" copy and paste this *.xml file in it.

C:\Program Files\QuickMediaConverter\profile\*.xml